Ventures, we build them. We do this in the following domains: – Education, – Marketing and – Technology (such as cleantech, webapps and blockchain). Sometimes we develop ventures on our own, sometimes we develop them as consultants, but most of the times we develop them in joint venture with talented people (and their companies). Ventures we’re involved in are:

  • Debatrix: Leader in coaching, training and consulting in presentation and persuation skills. www.debatrix.com
  • Infograaf: A maker of infographics and explainer animations www.infograaf.nl
  • Blook.tv: A ‘netflix’ for animated business essentials based on best selling management books. www.blook.tv
  • Blockdojo.com: The place to learn everything there is to know about blockchain and cryptocurrency. www.blockdojo.com
  • HaasBot: Automate your trading in cryptocurrencies with the www.Haasonline.com
  • ReFashion.academy: Rethink, redesign and relearn everything you knew about the fashion industry and join the fashiontech revolution. www.ReFashion.Academy
  • Anyware: A simple yet elegant gadget to protect your laptop – and its screen- from the sun. www.getanyware.com
  • SelfSkill.me: Learn new skills by yourself with a little help from a fieldcoach.
  • KickFast.club: Breakfast for growth champions. www.kickfast.club